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What Is Marketing And Does Government Use Marketing - Answers
Marketing is advertising. The US government uses marketing to grow the military.
Discuss the role of government in rural marketing?
role of government in rural marketing
What is an example of a government agency that uses social marketing?
One government agency that applies social marketing is the U.S. Coast Guard.
Can energy marketing service be trusted?
It depends if the money gained by energy marketing service is put to good use. If not, its a scam deivsed by the government. If it isn`t a scam, that`s just plainly collecting taxes for the nergy we use in our daily lives.
What websites use Christian marketing?
Some websites that use Christian marketing include Marketing Christian and Our Church. Once on the website, you can get advertising for Christian Internet Marketing.
What three programs does the federal government use to prevent low farm prices?
Price Supports Acreage Allotment Marketing Quotas
How you use marketing?
Marketing is all about advertising, แทงบอลออนไลน์ promoting products and services. Internet marketing can be used for this purpose.
Why does Facebook use its platform as a viral marketing arena?
why does Facebook use its platform for viral marketing areana
Where can data handling be used?
Retail, warehousing, marketing, local government, Tax agencies, doctors, hospitals all use streams of data
How can the practice of marketing research assist the present government to actualize its seven point agenda?
How can the practice of marketing research assist the present government in Nigeria to actualize its seven point agenda?
What is green marketing?
Green marketing is the use of marketing technique`s in effort to conserve energy in an effort to remain conscious of the environment.
Define what marketing is and discuss its core marketing?
Marketing is a strategy businesses use to promote and sell their products. Advertisements and celebrity endorsements are all a part of marketing.
Briefly the methods you will use to monitor marketing effectiveness and performances?
briefly, the methods you will use to monitor marketing effectiveness and performance
What kind of jobs include use of the internet and marketing?
There are many jobs which use the internet and marketing daily. Radio stations rely on the internet as well as marketing their station so persons tune in. Office supply or industrial companies often use marketing and the internet as a resource daily.
What does a marketing service do?
A marketing service is a service that can help people to create a successful marketing campaign and get people to know about and use their product or service.
Meaning of marketing department?
A marketing department in a company is the department that handles marketing using methods that include advertising. Other methods of marketing the departments use include endorsements and slogans.
What are some positions available to me after completing marketing training?
Not at all. You can use your degree for many positions of marketing. Not just telemarketing, a marketing degree is good for just about any marketing position.
Marketing as an art?
Marketing is an art because marketing managers must finesse their strategies. They must use a delicate balance of selling and enticing their customers.
What kind of marketing channel function can be performed over the internet?
You can use social media, article marketing, blogging, video marketing, and many more.
What is the Best Internet Marketing Avenue?
The best internet marketing approach will depend on your personality, the product and who you are selling to. There is no use trying to use video marketing to somebody who is blind. If you are marketing to people who do not like to read then video marketing could be the way to go. Introverted people do not want to be the center of attention but extroverts do. Decide what type of marketing you will be...
How do mass marketing relationship marketing and stakeholder marketing differ?
I believe Stake Holder refers more to Business to Business, because stakeholders are anyone that is involved in a business from Venders, Employees, Managements, Customers, even the government. (Mass Marketing and Relationship marketing are the easy bits, its the stakeholder is the harder one.)
What information can be gained from demographic research and why is it used in marketing?
because the demographic it is use to marketing to sell the product
How do you use the word Marketing in a sentence?
You will be an experienced marketing manager with a background in a fast paced online business.
Why do companies use advertising and marketing?
To sell there product! Advertising gets the word out & marketing works the angle
What is the use of online marketing?
Online Marketing gives you the ability to spend your time, เกมออนไลน์ not your money, advertising your business.
Who can use internet marketing tools?
Anyone can use internet marketing tools. The primary people who use internet marketing tools are businesses and people trying to advertise and sell things on the internet, as well as websites who want to efficiently use their web spaces to make money from internet marketers.
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